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Monday February 15th 2010

Tim’s Marathon

Tim Jones, CEO of Citylife

Tim Jones, CEO of Citylife (the charitable issuer of the East London Bond) will be attempting the inaugural Brighton Marathon on 18th April alongside staff from the Bromley by Bow Centre, one of the charities benefiting from the East London Bond.

Of course Tim is hoping for sponsorship large and small from individuals and companies alike (go to Tim’s Just Giving page here) but in a rare twist, for every supporter willing to pledge ?500 or more, Tim is offering to give them every penny back.

The East London Bond is an amazing charitable initiative that guarantees to return 100% of whatever is paid in to it 5 years later. If you want somewhere safe to keep your cash but want to do good with it meanwhile this Bond is a phenomenal proposition – it not only keeps your capital safe but makes an up-front donation to charity of approximately 20%!

To pledge ?500 or more to Tim’s Marathon and the East London Bond please complete a pledge form. Thank you for your support.

Friday January 15th 2010

New pledges announced

Support for the East London Bond is gathering pace with two high profile pledges. Vitabiotics and Winterflood Securities Ltd have both pledged ?100,000 to the Bond.

Friday December 18th 2009

East London Bond open for investment


The East London Bond has opened for investment, with a cast of prominent supporters and over ?1 million already pledged.

Tuesday December 15th 2009

Everyone’s left smiling

City AM, London’s free daily business newspaper, meets Brian Winterflood, ambassador for the East London Bond. With around 20% of the Bond funds going to rejuvenate the poorest boroughs around the City, and investors getting their capital back in full, “everyone’s left smiling.”

Monday December 7th 2009

East London meets Wall Street

Since the credit crisis, more philanthropists are turning to alternative ways of helping charities. This feature by the Wall Street Journal considers some of the new entrepreneurial approaches to philanthropy – including investing in Charitable Bonds.